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AP Solutions is a new Denmark based company specialising in English language services for companies and individuals looking to communicate internationally or domestically in English. We can provide a number of solutions for your needs including content creation, translation and more, including voiceover artists and presenters for your corporate media or social media channels.

Visit our Solutions page to find out more about what we offer. If you would like to discuss your needs in more detail, please get in touch with the team using the Contact page.



At AP Solutions DK, we have a number of services to assist you and your business with your translation and communication needs in English. Using our solutions, you have the opportunity to better engage and communicate with the English speaking local and international community without the costs of large scale international marketing firms.

Our translation service enables you to transform your Danish documents, web-pages and sales materials into English with a focus on correct grammar and syntax and ensuring the highest standards.

The Team

Using a carefully picked team of freelance professionals from both the English and Danish speaking communities, we are able to provide a comprehensive language service for you or your business.



Media Solutions

As part of our service, AP Solutions DK also offers a media service. We provide voiceover artists and presenters for your media communications in English for use in your advertising and marketing channels or your social media feeds. Our artists are actors and presenters with professional training and a range of accents and styles to suit your need.