Welcome. I was once described as someone who 'constantly reinvents themselves', and 'has fingers in many pies'. You can see on the About Me page, for example, that I have been fortunate enough to have some amazing experiences and opportunities in my professional and personal life. With this in mind, I have decided to bring together all of my endeavours under one roof. Welcome, then, to AaronPrior.com.

I am a photographer as well as a self-described 'theatre nerd'. Having trained in Musical Theatre, I have been a performer, producer, theatrical agent, teacher and director. I am also a blogger with interest in creativity and photography. I also provide a service in Denmark under the banner of AP Solutions DK. This is an English Language service providing solutions to individuals and business looking to communicate in English.

I will also be launching my online beginners photography course from AaronPrior.com later this year with many more projects in the pipeline too.

Please use the links, below, to explore site and my work. You can also find out more about me here or use the form on the contact me page to get in touch today.

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